5th Annual Spirit of Recovery 5K Pre-Race Remarks

By popular request, we are posting the remarks made by race director Mike Lilly prior to the start of today’s 5th Annual Spirit of Recovery 5K.

Welcome to the Spirit of Recovery 5K Run/Walk!!  Most of you know that this event is part of the Dover Race Series.  We want to thank Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for sponsoring the Dover Race Series and encouraging so many of you to come out and join us today.

Last year, we had our biggest race ever, handing out 162 bibs.  Today we have completely obliterated that record, with 671 bibs.  Thank you to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and to you all!

Today we celebrate the Spirit of Recovery!!

What is recovery? – Think of a man or woman in your life who is warm, friendly, loving and loyal to their family, who is helpful to others and on whom you can always count; someone you are proud to call a friend; perhaps even someone standing next to you right now.

Think of another person you may know who is consistently under the influence of alcohol or other substances, on whom you can never count, who is totally selfish and treats their friends and family poorly. Recovery is the process through which the second person transforms into that first person.

Recovery happens all the time at the Triangle Club on 120 Broadway here in Dover.  This event helps keep the doors of the club open for any man or woman wishing to find recovery, at no charge to themselves.

We thank you for coming.  We hope you all achieve a personal record today.  Thanks to the Triangle Club, a lot of men and women will be setting another kind of personal record today:  one more day of living a new life, free of the obsession to drink or take drugs.

If, during today’s race, you come to a spot that is particularly challenging and you feel like letting up, remember this:

By persevering in the face of adversity, you add strength to the Spirit of Recovery and make it possible for men and women from all around the Tri-city region to live a better life.


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