What is Recovery?

What is recovery? Think of a man or woman in your life who is warm, friendly, loving and loyal to their family, who is helpful to others and on whom you can always count, someone you are proud to call a friend. Think of another person you may know who is consistently under the influence of alcohol or other substances, on whom you can never count, who is totally selfish and treats their friends and family poorly. Recovery is the process through which the second person transforms into the first person.

It is sad and disheartening to witness a man or woman brought low by substance abuse. His or her behavior brings pain, suffering and sadness to family and friends through selfish and self-centered behaviors. The transformation of such a person into a man or woman who brings love, joy and happiness into the lives of friends and family is a marvelous thing to see and is at the heart of the purpose of the Triangle Club and why the Spirit of Recovery 5K was created to support the club.